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Planning to stay over? Yellow Pine has food, fuel and lodging.

Services in Yellow Pine

Anthony Bourdain

The Corner Pub





 In the 60s it was the Corner Café & Store. Subsequently known as the Corner Bar, "Home of the Ugliest bar top in the world". It was built by Faye Kissinger in the early 1930's.  The brick was made locally by Kissinger.  The present owners, Jen and Tim Aldrich, serve great food and brew.  

Yellow Pine Tavern

Built by Murphy and Mary Earl in 1940, it has been in the Earl family since that time.  The log bar top originally extended further back than it does today.  There were outhouses, an ice-house and a generator shack out back.   


Yellow Pine Lodge

Built by Faye Kissinger.  At its grand opening in 1932, it had only one story and was not completed, but it had a dance with a local orchestra and a large bonfire in the street. Current owners Robert and Darlene Rosenbaum offer rooms and, occasionally, the best cinnamon rolls. 

Murph's RV Park & Mary's Cabins

Murph's RV Park & Mary's Cabins are owned and operated by Donna and Gordon Valdez.  Spaces and cabins are available from mid-May through early October.  Nestled in the trees, this idyllic setting provides the beauty and serenity of the Idaho back county. RV spaces have full hook-ups.  One-room cabins have heat, electricity, and small refrigerators. Additional amenities include: restrooms and showers in the bathhouse; a mini-kitchen/coffee house; the best water you've ever tasted. Reasonable rates.  Contact 633-6677; 634-5527; or 634-6730.

Alpine Village

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